Diplopoda  (millipedes)

* Yellow-striped Millipede (Spirobolellus sp.)
* Asian Polydesmidan Millipede (Helicorthomorpha holstii)
* Yellow Millipede ( ) ?
* Flat-backed Millipede (Oxidus gracilis)
* Metallic Millipede (Glyphiulus granulatus)

Names preceded by an asterisk indicate common names that I have made up.

Yellow-striped Millipede




This millipede is 2.3 cm long. 

Per Frank Howarth & David Preston at the Bishop Museum “The dorsal pattern matches our introduced Spirobolellus sp., making it likely that this is the name of the beast.” “That species is common in lowland leaf litter in the islands and sometimes enters homes. The pale lateral stripe varies from cream to light red.”


Asian Polydesmidan Millipede




This millipede is about 1.6cm long.  Found in the Ryukyu islands, Taiwan, China, and Vietnam. In Hawaii it is found only in Honolulu and vicinity on the island of Oahu.


Yellow Millipede




Another unknown millipede. Larger specimen is 2 cm long. From the Bishop Museum : “Frank Howarth and David Preston (Entomology, Bishop Museum ) both agree that the specimens look immature, so they may be immatures of a known species. The specimens match nothing they have seen, and the images aren’t detailed enough to take the identification further.”


Flat-backed Millipede


Ventral view.
Dorsal view.  This millipede is 1.8 cm long. It is a common and widespread species throughout Hawaii.



Metallic Millipede
Close-up of head.
This millipede is about 1 mm in diameter and 2 cm long.  Per Frank Howarth of the Bishop Museum “The millipede is Glyphiulus granulatus (Gervais,) family Cambalopsidae. It was originally described from specimens from the Mascarene Islands but introduced through human transport to many islands in the Indian and Pacific Oceans. It's been in Hawaii at least since the 1930s.”