Crustaceans (sowbugs, pillbugs, etc.)

Landhopper (Talitroides topitotum)

Dooryard Sowbug (Porcellio laevis)

Pillbug (Porcellionides pruinosus) ?

Unknown Isopod (  ) ?

Dorsal view    



Side view, about 9 mm in length. 

Per Frank Howarth, Entomology, Bishop Museum: “There's not quite enough detail in this photo to be absolutely sure, but the specimen looks most like Talitroides topitotum.”



Dooryard Sowbug (aka Slater, Woodlouse, Pillbug)



Native to Southern Europe and the Mediterranean.  Introduced accidentally in the 1800s.






Pillbug is about 8 mm long.



Unknown Isopod



Isopod is about 5 mm long.