Insects: mealybugs, mites, thrips and springtail


Long tailed Mealybug (Pseudococcus longispinus) ?
Papaya Mealybug (Phenacoccusmarginatus) ?

Hibiscus Erineum Mite, (Aceria hibisci)

Hibiscus Thrip (Liothrips varicornis)

Springtail (Cyphoderus sp. or Orchesella sp.) ?
*White Springtail ( ) ?

*Hibiscus Aphid (Aphis citricola) ?
Fringed Orchid Aphid (Cerataphis orchidearum)

Oleander Aphid (Aphis nerii)
Melon Aphid (Aphis gossypii)

Boisduval’s Scale (Diaspis boisduvali) ?
*Orchid Scale (  ) ?
*Gardenia Scale ( ) ?

Gray Silverfish

Names preceded by an asterisk indicate common names that I have made up.

Longtailed Mealybug



Papaya Mealybug
This mealybug was found on a Jatropha bush.

Hibiscus Erineum Mite
Size is less than 0.25 mm.
First discovered in Hawaii at Wheeler Air Force Base in Wahiawa in November 1989.  Identifiable by the leaf gall apparent on hibiscus plants, particularly on Chinese Red Hibiscus.

Hibiscus Thrip
Found on leaf of hibiscus.  Body length about 0.5 mm.

Springtail body length = 2 mm plus tail.



White Springtail
Body length = 5mm. With tail and antenna = 1 cm.




Hibiscus Aphid


This insect is about 1 mm long.



Fringed Orchid Aphid
Scale attended by ant.
Dorsal view. On orchid leaf.
Ventral view. Size = 1mm.
Per David Preston of the Bishop Museum this “is the Fringed orchid aphid Cerataphis orchidearum (Westwood). Found on orchids and also recorded from Pritchardia sp. (palms). Distribution: Tropics, North America, and Hawaii. Adults can be wingless like the picture or winged and look like normal aphids. Several species of coccinellid (ladybird) beetles prey on these aphids.”



Oleander Aphid

With wings.

The oleander aphid is thought to have originated in the Mediterranean, but has now spread worldwide, having been exported along with its host plant.  These aphids were found on a Stephanotis plant (Stephanotis floribunda).




Melon Aphid (aka Cotton Aphid)
This aphid is about 1.5 mm long.




Boisduval’s Scale
Male scale, 1mm long.  Males are small winged creatures whose primary, if not sole, role is to mate and die.
Nymphs are a light yellowish, which darkens to tan or brown as the insect matures. 




Orchid scale
Scale on orchid leaf is about 2 mm across.
Scale nymphs, each about 0.1 mm long.



Gardenia Scale
This aphid is about 1.5 mm long.


Gray Silverfish
Body length 12mm. This picture is from