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cheap coach outlet any problems the problem is that you will not play, Not beautiful, to lay the market is you, playing well of course there is also the risk of interrupting their legs, anything has its positive and negative. Traditional business transformation of an important reason for the difficulty of business is that traditional enterprises in the early too much emphasis on profits, while ignoring the market share and size. When they are still hesitant, these new electronic business platform has a price war to rival one by one to get on the ground. The electricity provider platform, the price war is not to play, but how to play the problem. Third, the price war will really affect profits? A price war will cause a substantial decline in corporate profits, which is a lot of enterprises and experts do not agree with the price war an important reason. That price war is really contrary to the profit? Veterans do not think the impact of the profitability of how much, in theory, the price war has brought the rise in sales base, the profit will increase accordingly. coach bags outlet

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coach outlet store Especially for the electricity provider platform, the price war is a low-cost increase in the flow of marketing tools. Price war is a free flow of marketing, through the price war to attract a large number of free traffic, companies will eventually save the cost of marketing to Rangli to consumers. To say a little nasty, the platform is cut even if the flesh is cut meat suppliers. Why are businesses willing to flesh on the platform, because: First, with sales for sales, small profits. Second, if the use of good traffic, good long-tailed products associated sales, profits will not only decline, but the flow rate of conversion can be improved. Third, to participate in the platform of large-scale activities, in addition to considerable sales, more importantly, can get a brand exposure opportunities. So both the platform and the business, are profitable. The real price war will hit the electricity provider platform will never affect profits, and only will not play will affect profits. Fourth, the price war should be how to fight? coach purses outlet

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coach handbags outlet To fight a price war must be honest. Now the price war is the reason why many consumers do not buy it, not the price war is not attractive, but the lack of collective integrity of the electricity business platform, first raise the price and then discount the trick tired see fresh, so that consumers feel discouraged cold. Cry the story we have heard, deceive once again two lines, want to deceive the third time no one wants to believe. States United States online to play through the price war, how to reshape the psychological expectations of consumers, consumers really accept the authenticity of its low-cost recognition is its priority. For example, you good or bad show yourself the historical price curve to prove that he did not lift the first drop after the bar (although there may be cheating), looks like only Taobao done. Another example, you dare to direct their products in the explosion of the price of competitors? Can not do anything to send hundreds of millions of billions of red envelopes self-deception marketing gimmick coach factory outlet